Alvarez Marsal


Alvarez & Marsal was contracted by a private equity firm to conduct due diligence on a potential purchase of a healthcare company. As a part of the due diligence effort, Yellow Basket was hired by Alvarez & Marsal to review their technical infrastructure and provide technical recommendations based on the findings.

Project Type

VC + PE Support

Platforms and Integrations

DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure, Diagnostics


Alvarez & Marsal had identified underlying issues within the healthcare company but needed Yellow Basket to investigate the technical details further to understand the complexity and severity. The issues found were several system-wide incidents and a monthly budget report that was not delivered to leadership. These issues raised the need for an in-depth, hands-on investigation of their overall technology.


We conducted a thorough investigation on-site with the healthcare company to find the root causes of the missing budget report and the system-wide incidents. For each item, we not only delivered a report on what occurred to allow for the incident to happen but also provided recommendations to Alvarez & Marsal on what should be implemented to mitigate any future occurrences. We did the same for each aspect of the technology infrastructure within the company, highlighting where hidden risks lay and what could be done to resolve them before any critical errors occur.


The missing budget report was found not to be due to technical errors and was reported to Alvarez & Marsal. For the system incidents, we recommended that the company implement system backups, more rigorous testing standards with standardized DevOps requirements, and an overall recommendation to begin migrating to a cloud infrastructure. The full report delivered to Alvarez & Marsal provided them with full confidence in the technology portion of their due diligence report that was delivered to the private equity firm, allowing the PE firm to make an informed decision on the potential purchase of the healthcare company.