VC + Backed Renewable Materials Company


Continuus Materials, a VC-backed reusable materials roofing company, had significant challenges in tracking and sharing their KPIs. Their traditional methods of maintaining these crucial metrics were manual and antiquated, relying on a physical whiteboard and photographs to communicate business-critical data to the leadership team. This method was not only inefficient but also did not allow for real-time tracking or analysis.

Project Type

VC + PE Support, Data Analytics

Platforms and Integrations

Data Aggregation, KPI Reporting, Real-Time Data Feeds


The lack of real-time KPI reporting and dashboard visualization made it difficult for leaders to make decisions based on current data. With the need to pull in data from industrial process controls in addition to business systems, data consolidation was a complex task. Furthermore, understanding how to extract and analyze this data to generate meaningful metrics posed a significant challenge.


We stepped in to automate and streamline this process. The team conducted extensive research and analysis to understand how each type of data was generated and where it could be sourced from. A robust data extraction process was designed and implemented to funnel all data into a singular output. From this consolidated data, Yellow Basket created key sales, inventory, labor, and accounting KPIs that kept leaders informed in real-time.


The result was a dynamic, real-time dashboard that replaced the previous manual methods. Leadership could now view up-to-date metrics at a moment’s notice, facilitating more informed and timely decision-making. The company was now tuned into the daily, weekly, and monthly performance of their business and was able to make strategic decisions based on accurate, real-time data. This pivotal transformation significantly boosted the company’s efficiency and gave their investors more insights into their business performance.