International Air Conditioning & Heating Manufacturer


An international air conditioning and heating manufacturing company was in good shape with an A/R aging that was 94% current over a $3.5 billion annual invoice activity. However, they noticed that improving their legacy collection process could free a significant amount of working capital, leading to substantial savings in the cost of capital. The need was to better track and measure the collection performance to drive these improvements through a Wallboard KPI display system for their Accounts Receivable department.

Project Type

Custom Solutions, Legacy Systems

Platforms and Integrations

Data Aggregation, KPI Reporting, Custom APIs


In order to improve on their current process, our client desired to build an automated Wallboard KPI Dashboard that tracks and measures individual, team, and department collection performance measures compared against goals to incent collection performance. This solution required a consolidation of data from different sources, including legacy AS400 data, into a single database. The solution also needed to display the consolidated collection metrics against target KPIs on many different devices in real time.


Yellow Basket built a solution that extracted data from CForia, our client’s A/R system, and loaded the data into a reporting data mart (Wallboard Data Mart). Then, leveraging the custom API built to extract data from the custom-built database, the final dashboards were configured to display KPI results against goals on flat panel monitors (and other devices) throughout the department. The final system was also built to be accessible from any browser-based device with appropriate internal network access.


With the new system in place, our client was able to create incentive programs for the collection department to reward individuals who meet and exceed their goals. It also created awareness and standards for measuring performance available to the entire department. By replacing their legacy reporting system for their KPIs, our client was able to easily identify areas of their collections process that could be improved while motivating department performance.